Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why I'm Starting to HATE the Republicans!

Even though I am (tentatively) a registered member of the GOP, I'm really starting to hate Republicans!  Why?  Because they're a bunch of pansies - that's why!! 

Think about it... when the Democrats were in power, they rammed through health care, they rammed through stimulus, they stuck to their ideology in spite of public opinion, in spite of the ramifications (which were all too real.)   Many of them lost their jobs over it, but they felt that this was the opportune time and they weren't going to miss it.  And now, for better or worse, they may not have their jobs but they have a legacy.  Health care is law!  Stimulus is spent!  When the liberals had a chance to advance liberalism in government - they took it!  In short, the Democrats had the balls to put ideology before re-election.

Now take the Republicans...  Voted into office vowing to stop debt, reduce spending and shrink the size of government, and---with the debt limit hit---given the perfect opportunity to do just that, what do they do?  They immediately start to cave!!  They're knocking each other over trying to come up with new ways to compromise with the Democrats!  They're offering plan after plan that all end up raising the debt ceiling when they have, in their hot little hands, the silver bullet to kill the government debt beast!!  All they have to do is nothing.  All it would take to stop debt, reduce spending and shrink the size of government is for the Republican controlled House to stick to their guns and refuse to raise the debt ceiling no matter what.  If they were true conservatives, they'd ignore the "impending doom" stories of government default and bad credit ratings, ignore the opinion polls, ignore everything that contradicts their conservative ideals and just take a principled stand for cryin' out loud!

If the Republicans in the House stand their ground, the government would not default, nor would it shut down, it would (get this) be forced to prioritize spending to exist on the $200+ billion that comes in every month.  The debt would (by law) be paid first - so there's no danger of default.  Social Security, the troops' salaries and Medicare could be paid next - so that part of the scare tactics melts away also.  And then---with what's left over---the rest of the government gets paid for on an "essential services only" basis.  Budgets would have to be slashed.  Agencies would be discontinued.  Government would shrink down to a manageable size that makes sense.  Isn't that what conservatives want?  Why then the rush to throw away the advantage and just give up?

Come on Republicans - get some balls!!


J said...

All it would take to stop debt, reduce spending and shrink the size of government is for the Republican controlled House to stick to their guns and refuse to raise the debt ceiling no matter what.

Well, they realize that to pay for new DoD gear (F-35s, ships, drones missiles, etc)--and for Bush and Obama's wars-- they must raise the debt ceiling. More or less.

Good christian technology-- such as supercarriers-- costs a lot of shekels, pilgrim. 700 bil. or so this year--bipartisan approved.

Daniel Smith said...

You are right that the problem is spending - no question about that.

Daniel Smith said...

"Good christian technology-- such as supercarriers"

This insinuation that defense spending is somehow a "Christian" activity is silly though.

Was it Christianity that fueled the massive defense spending of the Soviet Union? Are Chinese aircraft carriers "good Christian technology" as well? (Or would they be examples of "good atheist technology"?) How about North Korea's 3 million man army - is that another example of Christian defense?

Or are you saying that our military only defends Christians?

I guess what I'm asking is - why the "christian" tag?

Anonymous said...

I never did support the Republican-Conservative ideology that spending cuts makes our economy grow. For example, let's say that everyone in the U.S. vowed to reduce the money they spend on groceries by $50 per month...think of how many billions of dollars of revenues is lost to the food industry by people keeping that $50 bucks in their pocket? You can't grow the economy by tightening up your have to spend money to make money. That is how it worked in the past, and that's it always has to be. I'm 27 years old, I was raised in a family of Democrats...hard-working individuals who believe that you only deserve what you get out and work hard to earn. Both sets of my grandparents were raised in a very poor family...They understood what hard work means just to keep from starving to death when they were growing up. They all voted Democrat. I get tired of people saying their life has been ruined by Obama being in office. Everyone...step back and re-evaluate your life over the last 4 years and ask yourself one simple question...tell me how your quality of life has been deteriorated and give me an example that relates to you...don't give me a generalization...I want to know what is wrong with people's opinions. You let one or two ads brainwash you to switch sides over a fluke. My quality of life has not decreased for me and my family. I am an accountant, my wife is a teacher. Neither of our jobs have been threatened by President Obama being in office. If it ain't broke, then don't fix it. Do the logical, level-headed thing and vote Democrat this for Democrats who represent the hard-working middle class as well as the less fortunate who work hard and earn a small paycheck. I don't care if I became rich tomorrow, I would still vote Democrat because of the way I raised...hard-working people who understand the individual who doesn't make a lot of money are Democrats. I really hope these comments somehow make their way around on the web and become a sensation to read. Maybe other people who read this will wake up and see the light. This message is to anyone who is sitting on the fence about who to side with, and to those individuals who fell off the fence to the wrong side. If you have job where you work hard just to make a few dollars, you should be Democrat because the Republicans only care about you if your net worth is greater than a million dollars. I don't care who scrutinizes my opinions, I will defend them always. I really had to get this off my has been building up for several months. Thank you to everyone who reads this. Please side with me if you have the same beliefs that I do.