Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ron Paul is the Michael Savage of Politics

Ron Paul came within a couple percentage points of winning the Iowa straw poll last Saturday but you wouldn't know that by watching the news coverage - even on Fox News.  This is because Ron Paul, like Michael Savage, is persona non grata to the American media.

So why have these two conservatives - each with their own legion of devoted followers - been blacklisted by the American media and especially by the "conservative" Fox News Network?  They're dangerous that's why! 

Both Ron Paul and Michael Savage are considered dangerous by the establishment "conservatives" because neither one of them fits neatly into the establishment's war-mongering, corporatist, globalist, theocratic box: Savage, because he savages so-called conservatives for their double-speak and fair-weather conservatism; and Paul because he stands for limited government in all areas - including foreign policy, social issues and defense.  But what really scares them is that these two men can't be bought - no matter the price!!

That scares the establisment types to death!!  It's a mindset they just can't understand.

I am proud to support both of these true-to-their-roots conservatives.  The best medicine for a sickly America right now is a healthy dose of Savage's "borders, language and culture" and Paul's "liberty and constitutionally limited government".


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