Thursday, September 29, 2011

What to do about Social Security

So everyone wants to "save" Social Security, but I think I have a better idea.

Here's my proposal:

Part 1.  Anyone who is currently on Social Security, and is over 65 years of age or legitimately disabled (no drug addict/alcoholic 'disabilities' allowed), stays on Social Security until they die.

Part 2.  Everyone else gets their money back!

So part 2 is the kicker.  Whatever you have paid into Social Security over the years is totaled up by the US government which then sends you a one-time check for that amount.  Take the money and invest for your retirement, or go blow it - it doesn't matter - it's your money! 

As for part 1: Social Security payments for those currently on it will come out of the general fund until everyone currently on it is dead.  Then that's it.  It's over.

So what happens when the people not currently on Social Security retire?  Well, if  they've planned ahead and invested wisely, they'll live as comfortably as they can from that income.  And if they haven't done all that?  Well then they don't retire, or they move in with their kids and their kids support them.  That's how it used to be in America before we became addicted to government. 

Isn't it time to return to that all-American concept called 'personal responsibility'?

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