Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Are Conservatives Such Pussies?

I was listening to Mark Levin on my way home from work and he made a statement to the effect that "when conservatives get into office they try to shrink government but when liberals get in they try to grow it".  All I could think was "why are conservatives such failures?"  Nobody's shrunk government in decades!  In fact, government grew exponentially with Republicans in charge of everything!!  It immediately hit me that the reason conservatives are such dismal failures is because they fail to embrace any sort of radicalism for their cause.

Take the debt ceiling debate last year: conservatives had the chance to make a radical change in the way government works... all they had to do was vote against raising the debt ceiling and immediately the federal government would have been forced to live within its means.  But did they do it?  Hell no!  That would be "too radical!"  And the debt spirals out of control.

Now look at the Republican presidential candidates: only one of them is proposing anything close to "radical" spending cuts and the entire Republican establishment can't do enough to distance themselves from him.  All I can say is WTF?  Ron Paul proposes a trillion dollars in real spending cuts and the "conservatives" run and hide!  "It's too radical!"  "We need someone electable!"  And the debt spirals out of control.

What are Romney's proposed spending cuts?  How about Gingrich's?  Santorum's?  Nobody knows because every conservative journalist, every conservative talk-show host, every conservative debate moderator will not ask the question!!  "We can't talk about spending cuts - that's too radical and it might scare people!"  And the debt spirals out of control.


TruthOverfaith said...

And then Jesus said, "Father forgive me, but my loins are on fire for that goddamned Mitt Romney!!! The hair, the teeth, that big fucking head!!!!

What's a horny savior supposed to do!!!"--Jesus Christ, up in the sky

Liberteur said...

Is this the tone and level of discourse you want to project in defense of atheism?

TruthOverfaith said...

I use a tone and level of discourse that fits the particular subject-in this case the Stone Age lunacy of Christian doctrine.

I came here because you made some stupid comment on another blog.
Just returning the favor.

Liberteur said...

How old are you - 13?